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Mumbai, India: Rustomjee Group, a leading real estate developer in Mumbai, announces its ambitious Plantation Drive, “GO GREEN KASARA”. This initiative marks a major step by Rustomjee Group towards its commitment to sustainability, focusing on the restoration and preservation of Kasara’s natural ecosystems by planting a total of 50,000 trees.
The first phase of this initiative began on July 5th, 2024, showcasing Rustomjee’s proactive dedication to environmental conservation and community welfare. The project aims to have all 50,000 trees successfully planted by March 2025.
Tree plantation in Kasara, Maharashtra, enriches biodiversity by enhancing air and water quality and promoting the resilience of native species to climate change. The selected native plants, including flowering and fruit-bearing trees, are well-suited for Kasara’s hilly and hot climate. These plantations also help mitigate soil erosion, raise groundwater levels, and provide habitats for diverse species. The tree species selected for this initiative include Ficus benghalensis (Wad), Phyllanthus emblica (Awala), Tectona grandis (Saag), Syzygium cumini (Jambhul), Oroxylum indicum (Tetu), Melia azedarach (Vehle), Cassia fistula (Bahawa), Bamboo, Annona squamosa (Sitaphal), Ziziphus (Ber), Carica papaya (Papaya), Moringa oleifera (Drumstick), Chrysophyllum cainito (Star Apple), Morus alba (Mulberry/Shahtoot), Psidium Guajava (Safeda Guava), Manilkara zapota (Chiku Kalapati), Tamarindus indica (Tamarind), Artocarpus heterophyllus (Fanas/Jackfruit), Ficus carica (Anjeer), and Mangifera indica (Mango).
The plant selection for this drive has been thoughtfully planned based on consultations with ecological experts, horticulturists, and landscape architects. The team of experts includes Kishor Chorge, Horticulturist at Rustomjee; Mrunal A Patil, Landscape Architect at DH&A Architects; and Mr. Prafull Borse, Horticulturist at BEO Farms and Agro Tourism. Their insights have been invaluable in ensuring that the chosen species will thrive in Kasara’s environment and contribute to its ecological balance.
Rustomjee’s Plantation Drive is a collaborative endeavour, partnering with the NGOs – “Grow Billion Trees and CAWSE Foundation”, which provide volunteers for the initiative. The Rustomjee team will take full responsibility for the ongoing care of the plants, ensuring their growth and sustainability. By engaging stakeholders at every level, the initiative fosters a sense of ownership and responsibility towards environmental conservation. Local communities are empowered to participate in tree-planting activities, fostering a deeper connection with their natural surroundings.
“Rustomjee’s Plantation Drive in Kasara exemplifies our unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability and community welfare. By planting 50,000 trees, we are significantly enhancing the region’s biodiversity and contributing meaningfully to the fight against climate change. Our efforts highlight our enduring vision of a harmonious coexistence between development and nature. This initiative not only reflects our dedication to creating a greener, healthier future for Kasara and its residents but also underscores our responsibility as corporate citizens to foster sustainable development,” said Boman R. Irani, Chairman and Managing Director of Rustomjee Group.
As the Plantation Drive continues to unfold, Rustomjee Group’s collaboration with local communities, NGOs, and government bodies exemplifies its commitment to sustainability. This initiative underscores Rustomjee Group’s role as a responsible corporate citizen dedicated to preserving Kasara’s natural heritage for future generations.



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