Mumbai to witness traffic congestion with PM Modi’s Jahir Sabha and INDIA bloc rally on the same day

While politicians hold rallies and campaigns across the country begging for votes ahead of elections, the road closure at multiple places leading to severe traffic congestion affects the common man who suffers while commuting to and from work. A similar picture can be witnessed in India’s economic capital Mumbai this week amid the ongoing Lok … Read more

Why it is important to control High BP

Is your blood pressure constantly higher than the recommended range by your doctor? Well, you need to take precautionary measures on an immediate basis to bring your numbers down. This is so because high blood pressure can make you susceptible to a plethora of life-threatening health problems.Currently, a sedentary lifestyle, being overweight and obese, stress, … Read more

10 most beautiful summer flowers

Summer is here and so is the problem of dying and wilting flowers. But, what if there were some flowers that bloom excellently in summers and won’t wilt as easily? Here we list 10 such flowers to grow in the garden. Source link Modified by Maaaty at Cheap Generic Pharmacy

Are young people safe from heart attack?

Heart failure affects 300 million globally, with 40% of deaths in India. Dr. Suvanan Roy explains it as inadequate blood pumping due to weak/stiff heart. Myths include confusion with heart attack, lack of warning signs, and age misconception. Treatments include pacemaker implants, ICD, and CRT devices. Disclaimer: Consult a doctor for medical advice. Source link … Read more

Why baking soda is the MVP of cleaning hacks

For surfaces that shine brighter than your future In the world of domestic alchemy, where ordinary pantry staples transform into jugaadu DIY solutions, one ingredient stands apart from the rest. We’re talking about baking soda, the humble powder that quietly uplifts our cakes and lends our bakes a delightful fluffiness. Much like Clark Kent, who … Read more