Dragons, Jedi Masters, The Bear and The Boys, this month’s OTT releases are all about comebacks

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The transition from May to June usually signals the end of Alphonso mango season and the arrival of the first cooling monsoon showers. So far, in this period, we’ve had heatwaves, a Bieber baby announcement and influencer drama (we’re hooked). Having had our fill of delicious mangoes and debilitating heat, we’re ready to leave summer behind with a fresh batch of OTT releases.

June is shaping up to be a month of comebacks, with a plethora of beloved shows returning for a new season. The lineup spans a wide range of genres, from documentaries about historical empires (and their downfall) to heartwarming dramas and side-splitting comedies. I mean, what would you do if your mom was Nicole Kidman and she started dating Zac Efron, like in A Family Affair? This month’s releases promise something for everyone.

And we’ve done the legwork for you, reaching far and wide for an exhaustive pick of June’s most promising OTT releases that are worthy of a spot on your watchlist.

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All the June OTT releases to add to your watchlist


Photo: Sony Liv

Gullak (Season 4)

The quirky Mishras are back for another round of family shenanigans (and perhaps some dysfunction) in this heartwarming dramedy. This season takes a closer look at the enduring challenges of parenthood as the family navigates their younger son Aman’s transition into adulthood. While Aman embraces first love, forges new friendships and discovers newfound independence, tensions simmer within the household.

Premieres on June 7 on Sony Liv

Photo: IMDB

Not Dead Yet (Season 2)

Nell Stevens is back, chasing her dream of being a journalist and writing obituaries instead. This unusual job description involves talking to the recently deceased, who pop up as ghosts as she writes their obituaries. The second season takes Nell back to her old job while she tries to navigate a personal life and deals with ongoing oddball encounters.

Premieres on June 12 on Disney+ Hotstar

Photo: Netflix

Bridgerton (Season 3 part 2)

High-society drama continues to unfold in the second half of the beloved series’ third season. The burgeoning romance between Penelope Featherington, also known as the Lady Whistledown, and Colin Bridgerton faces numerous challenges. Most notably, Penelope’s strained relationship with Colin’s sister, Eloise Bridgerton, prompting Colin to confront his own emotions and desires. Part two delves deeper into their romantic entanglements and scandals, and the continuing pursuit of true love in Regency-era London.

Premieres on June 13 on Netflix

the boys season 4 india
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The Boys (Season 4)

For the uninitiated, this show isn’t for the weak-stomached. The dark, satirical superhero series is set in a world where the influential Vought Corporation manipulates and markets heroic personas called the ‘Supes’. A motley crew of vigilantes called ‘The Boys’ fight against this corrupt system. Season four is anticipated to be even bloodier and grimer as The Boys continue their fight against Homelander, the tyrannical leader of the Supes. The return of the legendary superhero, Soldier Boy, may prove disruptive, while Billy Butcher grapples with the side effects of a temporary superpower boost.

Premieres on June 13 on Amazon Prime Video

Photo: HBO Max

House of the Dragon (Season 2)

The long-awaited new season of House of the Dragon plunges into the harrowing Targaryen civil war, known as the Dance of the Dragons. The Greens, led by Aegon II, collide with the Blacks, who uphold Rhaenyra Targaryen’s right to the Iron Throne. Expect epic dragon battles as these powerful creatures become central to the conflict. Political machinations and backstabbing will be at an all-time high as both sides battle for supreme authority.

Premieres on June 16 on Jio Cinema

Photo: Netflix

Kota Factory (Season 3)

The pressure cooker environment of Kota reaches boiling point in season three of Kota Factory as Vaibhav, Meena, Uday, Vartika and Shivangi, along with their fellow students, face the ultimate test—the IIT-JEE entrance exam. Their days are consumed by relentless coaching classes and late-night cramming sessions. As they stand at the precipice of adulthood and grapple with anxieties about the future, they find solace in enduring friendships and the unwavering support of their mentor, Jeetu bhaiya. Cheer along as these young adults navigate the chaotic transition into adulthood, all while striving for their academic dreams.

Premieres on June 20 on Netflix

Photo: Chuck Hodes/FX

The Bear (Season 3)

This story of an award-winning chef who takes over his late brother’s sandwich shop in his hometown, along with a ragtag team of chefs, won the hearts of audiences worldwide. The season two finale left viewers with a heavy heart, suggesting the possible passing of a character, perhaps Marcus’ mother. Financially, things haven’t been easy for the Chicago eatery. Last season’s Christmas episode was anxiety-inducing, but we’re gluttons for punishment. We can’t wait to watch the team continue their fight for survival, exploring new and perhaps unconventional methods to keep the business afloat.

Premieres on June 27 on Disney+ Hotstar


Photo: Disney+ Hotstar


This sports miniseries dives into the real-life scandal that rocked the Los Angeles Clippers basketball team in 2014. Based on the podcast The Sterling Affairs, the show chronicles the downfall of the team’s owner, Donald Sterling, after an audio clip of his racist rant was leaked to the public. The series explores the impact of the scandal on the team (including coach Doc Rivers), and the fight to keep the Clippers afloat amidst the controversy. Brace yourself for a dramatic and thought-provoking examination of race, power, and the sports industry.

Premiered on June 4 on Disney+ Hotstar

the acolyte watch in india june ott releases star wars tv show
Photo: IMDB

The Acolyte

This highly anticipated addition to the Star Wars universe is a mystery-thriller set during the final days of the High Republic era (nearly a century before the events of the films). It explores the rise of dark-side powers, focusing on a former Padawan who reunites with her Jedi Master to investigate a series of crimes. On probing deeper, they uncover sinister secrets that could change the fate of the galaxy.

Premiered on June 5 on Disney+ Hotstar

Photo: Apple


Buckle up for an out-of-this-world adventure in this animated series, based on the bestselling books by Tony DiTerlizzi. Eva, a spirited teenager, has spent her entire life sheltered in an underground bunker with her robot caretaker, Muthr. On her 16th birthday, celebrations are interrupted by an attack that forces them to the surface. Eva discovers a strange new world called Orbona, filled with fantastical creatures and no sign of humanity. Joined by Otto, a telepathic giant water beast, and Rovender, a grumpy alien with a hidden past, Eva embarks on a thrilling quest. Her mission is to find other humans, uncover the secrets of her past, and discover her true destiny.

Premieres on June 28 on Apple TV+

Photo: Netflix

Doctor Climax

Imagine a mild-mannered dermatologist, an expert in treating skin conditions and venereal diseases. Now, picture him moonlighting as ‘Doctor Climax’, a provocative columnist dispensing no-holds-barred advice on a topic rarely whispered in polite society: sex. This series unveils the astonishing double life of a Thai doctor in the late 1970s, an era when frank discussions about intimacy were simply unthinkable.

Premieres on June 13 on Netflix


eileen June ott releases anne hathwayotessa moshfegh
Photo: IMDB


This adaptation of the best-selling novel by Ottessa Moshfegh, one of our favourite writers of unhinged women characters, is a psychological drama set in 1960s Massachusetts. Eileen Dunlop is a young woman working in a boys’ prison whose mundane existence is disrupted by the arrival of Rebecca, a new counsellor. As their friendship deepens, Rebecca reveals dark secrets which may alter both their lives forever. Driven by a desire for transformation and an opportunity to break free from her stifling life, Eileen becomes entangled in a plan that will test her moral boundaries.

Premiered on June 1 on Jio Cinema

Photo: IMDB

Wicked Little Letters

Inspired by true events, Wicked Little Letters is set in an English seaside town where a group of women are thrown into a hilarious situation—they begin receiving anonymous, foul-mouthed letters. While fingers are immediately pointed at the town’s potty mouth Rose, some women begin working together to solve this local mystery, meeting with hilarious twists and turns. With Olivia Colman, our favourite pigeon impersonator, leading this stellar ensemble cast, you’re guaranteed a great watch.

Premiered on June 4, and available for rent on YouTube, Google Play and Apple TV

maidaan ajay devgn online
Photo: BookMyShow


This biographical sports drama dives into the life of Syed Abdul Rahim, a legendary Indian football coach and manager. Set between 1952 and 1962, considered the golden age of Indian football, the film chronicles the national team’s growth under Rahim’s leadership. We witness India’s memorable performance at the 1956 Olympics and subsequent Asian Games, a testament to Rahim’s team-building abilities and impactful training, which fostered camaraderie amongst players and deepened their passion for the sport.

Premiered on June 5 on Amazon Prime Video

Photo: Netflix

Hit Man

Gary Johnson isn’t your typical hitman. A part-time undercover cop in New Orleans, Gary poses as a ruthless assassin, disguising himself in hilarious costumes and convincing accents. As he attempts to catch those trying to hire a killer, his world is upturned when he meets Rita, a woman trapped in an abusive marriage. Unable to follow through with the ‘hit’, Gary offers her real help and sparks fly. Now, juggling dual identities, a blossoming romance, and his comedic disguises, Gary must navigate a world where the line between performance and reality begins to blur.

Premiered on June 7 on Netflix

maharaj netflix junaid khan
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In 1862, Karsandas Mulji, journalist, social reformer and a young firebrand, finds himself at the centre of a landmark legal battle. Set against the backdrop of the Sepoy Mutiny, a time when the country was still forging its national identity, Mulji emerges as a champion for women’s rights and social justice by taking a courageous stand. He exposes alleged misconduct by a prominent spiritual figure, which sparks nationwide scrutiny, leading to the Maharaj Libel Case. This true story showcases Mulji’s bravery in fighting the status quo, and the legal battle that many consider a pivotal moment in Indian history.

Premieres on June 14 on Netflix

Photo: Netflix

A Family Affair

What would you do if your mother started dating your boss? In this case, your mother is Nicole Kidman, and the boss in question is Zac Efron. This upcoming rom-com (we’re here for the rom-com revival) centres on Zara, a young woman who works as an assistant to a Hollywood heartthrob. Things get messy when Zara’s widowed mother strikes up a romance with her boss. The film explores the absurd situations that emerge when the line between personal and professional lives blurs in unexpected ways.

Premieres on June 28 on Netflix

Photo: Apple

Fancy Dance

On the Seneca-Cayuga reservation in Oklahoma, Jax juggles the responsibility of caring for her niece Roki after her sister’s mysterious disappearance. A determined Jax dedicates every free moment to finding her kin while simultaneously helping Roki prepare for a local powwow, a celebration of their Native American heritage. However, the threat of losing custody to Jax’s father upsets their plans. In a desperate attempt to keep the family together, Jax embarks on a road trip with Roki, hoping to find her sister before the powwow. This quest for answers quickly evolves into a deeper exploration of the challenges faced by Indigenous women, exacerbated by a broken justice system.

Premieres on June 28 on Apple TV+


Hitler and the Nazis: Evil on Trial

In 1960, William L Shirer published The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, a 1,250-page definitive account of Adolf Hitler and his regime, aimed at preserving the lessons of the Holocaust. According to this interview with Netflix, filmmaker Joe Berlinger crafted this docuseries with the same intention, providing an in-depth look at the Nuremberg Trials, where leading Nazi officials were prosecuted for their war crimes. Using archival footage, expert interviews and dramatic reenactments, the series sheds light on the horrors of the Holocaust, and the quest for justice.

Premiered on June 5 on Netflix

Photo: Netflix

Mysteries of the Terracotta Warriors

If you haven’t heard of the Terracotta army, chances are you’ve at least come across them on a TV show, or the most disappointing film in the Mummy franchise, Tomb of the Dragon Emperor. This documentary examines the secrets behind China’s renowned Terracotta army, seeking answers to the many mysteries surrounding their origins and purpose. Through cutting-edge technology and expert analysis, Mysteries of the Terracotta Warriors uncovers fresh insights into the creation of these ancient sculptures and their historical significance.

Premiered on June 12 on Netflix

Photo: Amazon Prime Video

Federer: Twelve Final Days

This documentary wraps up a mammoth career by zooming into Roger Federer’s final moments as a professional tennis player. It offers an intimate look at Federer’s thoughts and experiences during his last twelve days on tour, culminating in the final match of his career at the 2022 Laver Cup. Federer reflects on his career, interacts with fellow tennis legends like Nadal and Djokovic, and prepares to say goodbye to the sport that shaped his life. Prepare yourself for an emotional farewell to one of the world’s greatest sportsmen.

Premieres on June 20 on Amazon Prime Video

Comedy specials

marlon wayans stand up comedy
Photo: Amazon Prime Video

Marlon Wayans: Good Grief

In this stand-up special, Marlon Wayans tackles the universal experience of grief by bringing his signature humour and heart to the stage. He weaves narratives around personal loss, reflecting on the aftermath of the death of his parents, and discovering laughter amidst sorrow. Watch it for its poignant observations, hilarious anecdotes, and classic Wayans commentary.

Premiered on June 4 on Amazon Prime Video

Photo: Netflix

Keith Robinson: Different Strokes

Keith Robinson, a veteran comedian known for his personal and brutally honest style, is back with a new Netflix comedy special titled Different Strokes. This hour-long special is a hilarious look at Robinson’s journey of overcoming two life-altering strokes, one in 2016 and another in 2020. Robinson doesn’t shy away from sharing the raw and personal challenges he faced in the aftermath of the strokes, including navigating his new disabilities.

Premieres on June 11 on Netflix

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