Is playtime the secret sauce for your kid’s holistic development?

These sets from LEGO® Group will fill your child with wanderlust and curiosity

Babies use their parents like a floaty to survive outside of the cosy womb; that, as most parents will tell you, never changes. As their crawl evolves into walking and running, they will likely grow out of the hugs and cuddles, and you’ll have to find new ways of bonding with each other. And what’s better than curating a play routine that’s educational for them and also serves as a great way to establish a deeper connection?

Playtime is important for kids to develop a sense of curiosity and adventure. It also sets the foundation for problem-solving skills and infuses them with the superpower of imagination. These LEGO® Sets featuring popular fandoms, travel and historical souvenirs are perfect to include in your child’s playtime and allow you to play along with them.

Grab one or more of these seven unique LEGO® Sets, now available at the Hamleys stores to give your kid the cape of creativity and hop onto the storytelling train.

7 LEGO® Sets that you can build with your kids

LEGO® sets
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Red London Telephone Box

Want to induce wanderlust in your kid? This Red London Telephone Box from LEGO® Group will do just that. The set is as authentic as it gets with a light brick that activates when you press the roof of the kiosk. You get the choice of adding either a vintage rotary phone or a 1990s-style phone. The cobbled street, streetlamp and signs add to the authenticity of the playset. The fence and lamppost also double up as a smartphone stand for adults. Playset plus a functional collectible art? This set deserves a big yes.

Photo Credit: LEGO® Group

NINJAGO® City Garden

This one’s for all the Ninjago fans. LEGO® Group brings the fantasy series to life with this NINJAGO® City Garden set that pays homage to all the iconic moments from the series. Your child will thoroughly enjoy putting together this multi-tier set that comes with an ice cream shop, a control room, and a museum showcasing the ninjas’ history. And for the true-blue fans, the set also has some hidden surprises that’ll unravel as you build the set. It may just give your kid a new hobby as they dive into the lives and times of ninjas.

LEGO® sets
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Disney Castle

LEGO® Group’s Disney Castle set will appeal to kids and their parents both because who doesn’t love Disney? It’s the dream playhouse and has something from every fandom, like Cinderella’s ballroom with a rotating dance floor, the magic mirror from Snow White and Sleeping Beauty’s spinning wheel. The set has over 4,000 pieces and will be a memorable bonding opportunity for you and your child as you share your favourite Disney memories.

Harry Potter
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Gringotts™ Wizarding Bank

When we’re talking about fandoms, how can we leave out Harry Potter? Let this Harry Potter™ Gringotts™ Bank – Collectors’ Edition set from LEGO® Group be your child’s foray into the wizarding world of Harry Potter and nostalgic memorabilia for you. It’s an intricately detailed set featuring the secret vault in the wall, a spiralling track with Hagrid and Harry in a cart, death eater figurines, and Ron’s and Hermoine’s figurines to help you recreate iconic scenes set in the bank. What’s a better way to bond with your child than bringing them into the fold of your favourite literary and movie series? It’s also a great way to get them curious about reading the books.

Avengers tower
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Avengers Tower

Get lost in the world of Marvel with this distinguished Avengers Tower from the LEGO® Group. The set comes with figurines of the entire cast and blocks to build memorable scenes from the Infinity Saga battles. This all-encompassing set will appeal to adult fans as well as kids who love superheroes. Their imagination can run free as they create their own scenes and storylines of this majestic world.

LEGO® sets
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Eiffel Tower

Inspired by an engineering wonder, this Eiffel Tower playset from LEGO® Group will certainly keep your kid engaged for hours and serve as an impressive display piece for your house. The set is almost 5 feet tall and will ensure an immersive experience as you build it along with your child. With the minute architectural and engineering details, who knows the career bug might bite your kid and plant early seeds of becoming an engineer, architect, or travel journalist.

LEGO® sets
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Like Kate Winslet’s Rose said in Titanic, it was the ship of dreams. And this LEGO® Set does justice to the ship with detailed features like the promenade deck, swimming pool, propellors with rotating piston engines, boiler room and more. It’s a working model that will surely tickle your child’s curiosity and you can dive into the history of the ship. The scale model also doubles as a brilliant display piece.

If you’ve been looking for an interesting vacation activity with your young one, visit the LEGO® Group Summer PLAYground, an innovative and creative play area where kids can let their curiosity run free. It’s set up at Courtyard, Phoenix Palladium in Mumbai from 17th May 2024- 26th May 2024 and has various zones for kids of different ages, where they can build LEGO® Sets and play-act in different scenarios with other kids. You can expect passion zones such as AR and Space Zone, Superhero Zone, and a DUPLO area with bigger LEGO® Bricks to make it safe for younger kids. Kids can also watch out for exciting gifts, contests and much more. The zone is a great way for parents and children to play together and spend some off-screen bonding time. After all, what’s a better way to spend garmi ki chuttiyaan than watching your favourite playsets come to life?

The PLAYground is also coming to Chandigarh (Elante Mall, 14th June 2024-23rd June 2024) and Hyderabad (Forum Sujana Mall, 7th June 2024-16th June 2024) so stay tuned for continued fun.

Note of caution: These sets contain small pieces and children must be supervised by adults for safety.

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