Tips to minimize distractions in students

Preserving one’s mental health in particular is important to achieve effective studying. It is crucial to appreciate your minor successes as well to keep momentum in motion and avoid potential distractions. Set punctual study sessions with definite time slots for each subject but with proper breaks in between for reduced stress levels. Be involved in the interactive kinds of learning and not just memorization.On the one hand, technology makes it easier to learn and gain knowledge, but it is also important to keep it in moderation. Having an organized study area would help to increase focus levels. Here are some strategies to suppress the interferences and secure your health for efficient study:

Pomodoro Technique

This time management technique involves working for 25 minutes with full concentration and then taking a 5-minute break. The option is aimed at providing short rest after each work cycle that the student has performed. This technique prevents mental burnout and ensures that the student remains alert while studying.

Elaboration Technique

When learning new information, elaboration means providing additional information such as details, illustrations, examples, and explanations of the acquired knowledge. This mode of processing enhances the creation of elaborations and connections within your mind which leads to better learning and retention.

The Feynman Technique

According to Amit Saneja, CEO, Educate Online, “This technique involves simplifying a given concept to the lowest level of complexity that one can apply as one would do when explaining it to a young child. This is quite helpful as it draws your attention to specific topics that will take up your considerable time and will alert you to your areas of ignorance. To avoid missing important information while studying, it is helpful to look for such gaps when reviewing the material, thereby ‘burning’ concepts into one’s memory.”

Mind mapping

This involves drawing out ideas and information around one central concept in a visual format. Mark the main point in the middle, and draw the other related points as branches by using lines, colors, and pictures to connect them. This practice creates linkages between the concepts leading to improved understanding and conceptual recall.

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Creating an Intentional Workspace

Adapting your working environment to your personality, eliminating distractions, and using notes effectively may enhance productivity, daily effectiveness, and even mental health during work.

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