Top 10 Trailing plants

Trailing plants can be the one thing that’s missing in your garden. They can be the best tool to fill up spaces that are left plain, they can be used to create the perfect cascading aesthetic, making your garden look like a forest. And most of all, they add height and texture to space which is very important to create visual interest.

Here are some creepers that you must grow in your garden or balcony!

1. Turtle vine/ Creeping inch:

Turtle vine/ Creeping inch <a href=plant” style=”float: none;”/>

A plant that multiplies extremely easily! It likes partial shade and doesn’t need a lot of water; it has a cool green colour and grows very fast. If you snip the ends of this plant and just toss them in the pot, it will encourage side growth which can make the plant look very full with next to no effort. 

If placed in a rectangular planter and propped up at a height, it will eventually create like a curtain!


2. Philodendron Mican:

With leaves that feel like velvet, who wouldn’t want this plant! If you want to add depth and dimension to your balcony or garden, this is a perfect plant! The leaves of this plant are a subtle copper green that shifts in different lights.

Philodendron Mican

It also is a very fast-growing plant, which means you can take more and more cuttings and make more and more plants! You can water when the top few inches of soil are bone dry. The leaves will also start curling a bit which can be a good sign that they are really thirsty!

3. Money plant:

A necessity in any Creeper list! The money plant is extremely common in each and every household because of its easy-care needs. It has low light requirements and next to no fussy habits!

Money <a href=plant” style=”float: none;”/>

It has many varieties like Golden pothos, Marble queen pothos, all just too beautiful to not keep at home. The trail very quickly and is one of the easiest to root in the water! 

4. Burro’s tail:

If succulents are something you love but can’t keep alive, this is the best plant for you. Burros tail is a vining succulent that doesn’t need a lot of care at all. 

Burro’s tail

It has a thick stem with leaves that look like they have been woven around the stem. This plant loves full heat and is drought tolerant. 

You can water them very less and they’ll be A-OK! They look the best in hanging baskets!

5. Trumpet vines:

These plants grow on ledges or wire fences and have the prettiest blooms. A peachy orange hue to a trumpet shapes elegant flower! They also come in different shades like yellow and red and purple! It is a fast-growing vine, so if you want to cover up a gateway arch, a fence, a pole, this is the vine to do it with.

Trumpet vines

 It may need some pruning if it starts growing out of control, but normally it should be fine. It likes any garden soil, a lot of sunlight and doesn’t even need a lot of watering! A bonus: they attract hummingbirds!

6. English ivy: 

An underrated plant here in India, but so versatile! It has beautifully shaped leaves and some types have variations and this vine can fill up a wall very quickly and very beautifully!

English ivy

They love bright indirect light and like light showers of water every week or so. This plant does not love the direct sun so if you have a wall that is not in the direct rays of the sun, this plant is perfect!

7. Bougainvillaea:

Bougainvillaea is the huge bush of plants you see on fences, especially near gates of houses or buildings. They get the most beautiful blooms, the perfect bright shade of pink, with delicate paper-like petals. It elevates any space from just a random area to a celebration!


They love direct sunlight to Light it up! It’s also pretty drought tolerant so you can even get away with watering it once in two weeks! Check the soil, water only if the soil is completely bone dry.

8. Syngonium:

Leaves with shapes like arrows, this plant is usually grown in a pot and it stays like a bush, but if this plant gets a fence or a wall to latch on it, oh it climbs like no one else. You can even see the roots trying to latch on to anything and everything!


It can create a very bushy and forest-like atmosphere when it is allowed to climb on walls. They leave even have beautiful colour variations of green which create a lot of dimensions!

Syngonium is very hardy, they can tolerate any light, low water and are also very fast growing!

9. Climbing jasmine:

Little stars in the night sky, right on your balcony ledge! The climbing jasmine can give you a burst of freshness every time you walk out and breathe! They prefer to be warm and like well-draining soil.

Climbing jasmine

They like having slightly moist soil, so you can make up your own watering schedule by feeling the soil every day or every 2 days to see how moist it stays in your region!

10. Philodendron Brazil:

Last but not least, a splash of bright green throughout your garden is just what you need! This is a very interesting plant. The leaves are dark green with a splash of bright neon green in the middle as if a painter dropped her brush and it created art where it fell!

Philodendron Brazil

The leaves are something you’ll be left starring at for sure! They don’t need a lot of water and can do well in medium to bright light! Grow it in a hanging basket or a moss pole or a fence, it is going to look unquestionably amazing!

With hopes that your gardens are balconies are soon to be full of these creepers!



Until next time,

Have a lovely day and Happy Planting!!

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