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UST hands over water treatment plant at Kandankary


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Continuing with its efforts towards ensuring the availability of potable drinking water in Kerala, leading digital transformation solutions company UST has installed and handed over two more water treatment plants in the Alappuzha region. The new water treatment plants have been set up and handed over to the people of Kandankary and Vezhapra villages in Kuttanad.
The non-availability of consistent and affordable potable water had been a cause for worry for decades in these villages, and the situation had even led to critical health issues. UST stepped in to find a solution to the crisis as part of its flag ship CSR Program, ‘Adopt a Village’.   Last year a team from UST visited the villages facing water scarcity and decided to find a viable solution to the crisis. As part of the company’s efforts, water treatment plans were set up and handed over to the villages of Mithrakkari and Oorukary. The project continued, and UST has now been able to install similar plants at Kandankary and Vezhapra villages.
There are more than 750 families residing in Vezhapra, while Kandankary has over 250 families. The villagers were an excited lot as they gathered in large numbers to witness the handing over of the water treatment plants. Prasanth Subramanian, CSR Ambassador, Kochi, UST, along with CSR Leads Shine Varghese and Ramu Krishna, handed over the plants at the function.
One of the beneficiaries, Sobha Mohan, aged 50+, said, “It has been over three decades since our community has been suffering due to the scarcity of good water for drinking and cooking. Continuous use of polluted water from nearby waterbodies has seriously impacted our health, leading to many diseases. We are extremely happy that UST could set this up for us and solve a critical problem in our lives.”
The water treatment plants at the two villages include a well, pre-filtration and chlorination tank, iron and unwanted minerals filter, Reverse Osmosis (RO) process, carbon filter, UV filter, supply tank and plant room. “The handing over of two more water treatment plants for the benefit of the villages of Vezhapra and Kandankary in Kuttanad is a continuation of UST’s efforts towards ensuring hassle-free potable drinking water availability. Our efforts earlier at Mithrakkari and Oorukary villages have borne fruit, and the same effect is envisaged in Vezhapra and Kandankary villages too. UST’s efforts are sure to go a long way in ensuring the availability of drinking water in the Kuttanad region of Alappuzha,” said Prasanth Subramanian, CSR Ambassador, Kochi, UST.
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