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Virtusa Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Virtusa Corporation, has announced the successful completion of the first phase of the 0.66-acre and 210-meter Alli Kulam Pond restoration project in Chennai. This initiative is part of Virtusa’s ongoing commitment to environmental sustainability and community engagement. Over the years, Virtusa has undertaken numerous lake restoration projects, which have benefited local communities by improving water quality, enhancing biodiversity, and creating recreational spaces.
The restoration project aimed to rejuvenate the Alli Kulam Pond ecosystem, enhance biodiversity, and provide a clean and safe habitat for wildlife and residents. This multi-stakeholder initiative, supported by Virtusa and involving United Way of Chennai and United Way of Hyderabad at Agaramthen Panchayat – Alli Kulam, highlighted the urgent need to revitalize the pond and its surrounding environment.
Initiated in October 2023, the project has tackled challenges such as urbanization, climate change, and groundwater seepage through measures including jungle clearance, dewatering, desilting, and stone pitching. These efforts have detoxified the pond, resulting in healthier biodiversity and improved water quality. The village panchayat has also provided essential support for the effective implementation of the project.
Speaking on the initiative, Amit Bajoria, Chief Finance Officer of Virtusa Corporation, said, “At Virtusa, we are deeply committed to sustainability and social transformation. Our mission involves the comprehensive upliftment of marginalized communities, with a particular emphasis on advancing education, preserving the environment, and empowering individuals”.
The restoration of Alli Kulam Pond epitomizes our dedication to environmental stewardship and community empowerment. This initiative not only revitalizes the local ecosystem but also creates a harmonious space where wildlife and people can thrive together. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all stakeholders and community members for their steadfast support and active involvement in this transformative project.”
Following phase I of the project, the Alli Kulam Pond offers better water quality and a rejuvenated habitat for aquatic life and native flora. The Agaramthen community benefits from a newly created pathway for walking and recreation, with the local panchayat committed to maintaining the pond. Phase II of the restoration project is expected to be completed by June 2024, after which it will be handed over to the Agaramthen panchayat.
Virtusa has also arranged awareness programs, including street plays and public announcements, to educate the community on the importance of the pond. The company is exploring similar projects to expand its environmental impact and promote sustainability, demonstrating its commitment to a more sustainable and equitable future.
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