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Hi guys! This article is a little different. I won’t be telling you about specific plants, but I want to talk about how you can keep plants in your balcony.

There are many different types of balconies. Some are open, some have a ledge, some have a grill all around. Let’s see a few plant combinations that do well in balconies with direct sunlight and a few styling tips.

I have a balcony that has a grill all around but also a ledge to keep plants. 

I have kept all my sunlight loving plants outside on this ledge. I have some Aloe- Vera, some of my mom’s Mogra and Roses are also in these ledge spaces. 

I do also have cats, so I have to be careful not to keep anything on the edge as they might tip it over while running. 

As I have a grill, I want to trail a lot of vining plants to go up the grill, which I will do soon.

If you have a just a railing to your balcony and no grill, you can get these hook planters to add more plant space. (like they have in these images)


Plants on railing of balcony


You can keep flowering plants like Petunias or Geraniums here. What you can also do is get long slim railing planters and plant a lot of the vining plants all along the edge. As they grow, they’ll create a big curtain of plants which look so mesmerizing.


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Some easy vining plants are Pothos/money plant, different types of Philodendrons like Micans or brazil or lemon, Ivy like Swedish ivyEnglish ivy also grow very vast.

If you have a window and only a single edge, you can get a planter edge built and keep bushy plants or flowering plants. This will look very cute and French for afar.

Plants placed on a planter edge


If your balcony has absolutely no planter racks or ledges to keep plants and means to add these whatsoever, you can just line up pots along the edges and keep slightly slim and tall plants so as to not take up too much surface area of the balcony. You can also get hooks all along the top edges of the balcony and get many hanging pots to make it feel truly like a plant canopy.


Plants hooked on top edges of balcony


You can also use whatever little wall space you may have in the balcony and get wall planters. You don’t have to plant it directly in the wall planter. You can keep then plant in their nursery pots and use the wall planter as a cover pot. This way watering the plant will also be easier.


Plants placed in wall planters


Another good way to get more plant space is to get wall brackets, from which you can hang hanging pots. 


Plants hanged on wall brackets







That’s it, guys!

I hope you have a lovely day!

Until next time,

Gayatri Vaidya 


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