List of some best Perennial plants

Now we all plants that stay with us forever. Here to make that happen are perennials. If you read the article “Gardening dictionary for new gardener”, you already know what perennials are. If not, here is a definition:

A perennial plant or simply perennial is a plant that lives more than two years. Perennial means “through the years”. They keep growing for years!

Let’s see some perennials that we can keep in our garden or balcony!

1. Oxalis Triangularis

The name may seem intimidating, but the plant has very few care necessities. I have mine in well-draining soil, in bright indirect light and I water it when the top 1 or 2 inches of soil is dry. They have beautiful purple leaves that look like butterflies and baby purple flowers that draw the eye!

Oxalis Triangularis


It has beautiful, bright colourful blooms that can add a pop colour to a rather green balcony. The leaves of this plant are also very pretty and have a unique likes bright but indirect light. It needs well-draining soil and doesn’t need a lot of water; it likes to dry out.


3.Peace lily:

This may be one of my favourite plants. It’s very easy to care of. I keep the soil moist and you’ll soon understand the behaviour of the leaves. They droop a little when they want water. They have pretty white flowers, but I like the plant more for the foliage. It was large lush green leaves and gives you a nice cool feeling.

Peace lily


Almost every Indian bungalow with a garden will have at least one periwinkle plant. It has blooms that have a very unique colour that looks like it’s a mixture of very light pink and purple. It is very drought tolerant and will love it if you just forget it. It likes bright but indirect sunlight. It will do fine with any well-draining soil.



This is a beautiful hardy plant that has very delicate looking blooms. It looks like pink thin cups that hold a few tiny white flowers within them. They like bright sunlight and wait for it the soil to dry out. They like to be fertilised in the summer. When the plant has lots of flowers, you can water it a little more, but not to let the soil be soggy!




That’s it, guys!

I hope you have a lovely day!

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