Top 5 Easy to care but Underrated plants

We all have read about the usual easy-care House plants. But if you’re bored of reading about the same old snake plants and ZZ plants, you have come to the right place! Over time I have realised just how easy these plants are to care for and they aren’t mentioned in a lot of “top 10 easy-care indoor plants”.

So, without further ado, Top 5, Underrated, Easy to care plants!

1. Philodendron:

I have a soft spot for philodendrons. There are so many types of philodendrons and they are so beautiful. One of my favourites is Philodendron Micans. It has leaves softer than velvet and a shifting colour and I’m in love! Philodendron Brazil and Xanadu are also very beautiful. I have all these 3 and have my eye on 2 more types at a nursery. It’s not at all hard to take care of. I have all three in bright light and I water them when the top few inches of soil gets dry.


2. Fittonia:

It’s also called the Nerve plant because you can see the tiny nerves of its leaves and it’s so unique. It’s very easy to take care of. It does absolutely fine in any light condition. this plant can be a bit of drama queen * much like myself *. It doesn’t need water regularly, but, if you go too long without watering it, the leaves droop a lot and it may look like the plant is dead. But it’s not! Just give it a good drench in water and within 20 mins the leaves will be back to normal. An easy way to tell if a nerve plant wants water is to pat the leaves, if the feel crisp and strong, don’t water it. If the leaves feel soft and slightly droopy, water it! Once you get a hang of how the leaves feel, it’ll be a breeze taking care of it!

Fittonia <a href=plant in a mug” style=”float: none;”/>Fittonia Leaves


3. Peperomia caperata:

I have named her Pepper Potts. She is one of my favourite plants that I will ever own. I have never seen a plant with leaves that are so funky. she’s extremely easy to take care of. I keep her in my room or in the balcony or anywhere she’s okay with any amount of light. I water her when the top few inches of soil seem bone dry. And she keeps growing so fast! Her leaves appear silver/green in low light and if you take in the sunlight, she doesn’t just shine, she GLITTERS! How cool is that?! I love her. If you ever find one in a nursery, just take it home as fast as you can!

Peperomia caperata <a href=plant in cup” style=”float: none;”/>Peperomia caperata leaf


4. Rubber tree:

It’s such a fascinating house plant. Its leaves are extremely glossy and actually reflect light. It likes bright light and water when soil is dry. Wipe the leaves regularly with a soft cloth and that’s it! Also, side note, I have very cleverly named my Rubber plant “Vulcan”. I enjoy a pun every now and then. 

Rubber tree


Every time I go and look at my dracaena, it has a new leaf. I got mine in June and in just 2 months, it has doubled in size. Very very easy to take care of. Water when soil is dry, you forget a day, it’s okay it’ll just give you a new leaf. It likes bright light but tolerates low light as well. They are also very affordable! So, go get one!




That’s it, guys!

I hope you have a lovely day,

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