This banker lost 14 kilos in just three months!

As his career started in an esteemed defence environment of Air force Service, his lifestyle and food habits were quite disciplined and healthy. But over the period the sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy food habits cursed him with multiple health challenges like Thyroid, newly detected diabetic, migraine, acute allergy to temperature change. After analysis of his annual health check-up, he was diagnosed with onset of Pre diabetic state, fatty liver, cholesterol, severe migraine problem, very poor immunity, poor strength, memory, concentration power and early aging problem.
Sanjay kumar Suman, says, “Thanks to God, I got the opportunity to meet my mentor and life transformation coach, Bhawana Sinha who helped me to get the health education community and healthy nutrition system along with her persistent soul satisfying care and nourishment towards my Ideal health, weight and body, mind and soul delightment. She always took care of me for my physical, mental and emotional enlightenment as my soulmate. Really, I am grateful to God and her for being in my life as my transformation coach who has helped me to reverse all my ailments without any medicines and medical treatment and revitalise my body.

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